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(spring/summer 2024)


Power Drift
Interview: AJ Layden
Tetris Recoded
K&A+ Collector’s Edition games:
Die Kaufmannsgilde & Spediteur
GameDev Story:
Party Speedway Extended

XC=BASIC coding guide. Part VI
6502 Assembly. Part II
Tapecart – Do it yourself
Super GP 64
Press fire to go…
Space Station 23


Interview: Paolo Cattani
Reshoot Proxima 3
3D Rat Race
Virtual Grand Prix

Lotus 1-2-3
Console zone: RGCD Racers V1
Stuntman Seymour


Talking Heads
With dice and pencil: Diora
Musical impressions

K&A+ Collector’s Edition project
Johnny presents: Bobr Album


The Commodore is ready... are you?

Komoda & Amiga Plus, or K&A+ for short, is a paper magazine dedicated to Commodore´s range of home computer systems produced between 1977 and 1994. Commodore´s venture into the nascent industry started with the Commodore PET designed by Chuck Peddle and Jack Tramiel, followed in 1980 by the first million selling computer: the VIC-20, a feat surpassed a few year later by the Commodore 64, the best selling home computer in history with over 30 million units. Alongside these bestsellers, Commodore also released a plethora of models with varying degrees of success, including the Plus/4, the Commodore 16 and the Commodore 128, among others. 

All of these 8 bit machines were popularly known in Poland by the affectionate name of “Komoda”, a word also used to designated a certain piece of furniture which eventually became the first half of our magazine´s name. The second part, Amiga, comes from Commodore´s range of 16 and 32 bit computers, manufactured between 1985 and 2004. After the revolutionary Amiga 1000, Commodore conquered the hearts and pockets of the late eighties youth with its budget Amiga 500 model, superseded by the Amiga 1200 or A1200 in 1992. The big box models, known as A2000, A3000 and A4000, were popular with video and 3D professionals due to their built in graphics and video capabilities.

Albeit a series of misguided management decisions led Commodore to file for bankruptcy in 1994, its legacy lives on its enthusiastic user base. To this day, hundreds of thousands of fans have kept playing, programming, designing and composing with their Commodore and Amiga computers. It is for them, and for you reader of this text, wondering if there is a conclusion to all this blurb or is it just some SEO friendly list of keywords, that we embarked on this project.

Edited in two languages – Polish and English – by an international team of die-hard retro fans, K&A+ warps you to those fascinating years with over eighty pages of game reviews, opinion articles, event reports, tutorials and interviews in gloriously colorful glossy paper. But don´t let the looks fool you, because there´s no old or recycled content in K&A+: only the freshest news, the most unbiased reviews and the deepest insights, presented in an entertaining, fluid style and delivered to your door every three months – worldwide.

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