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Disaster has struck and miners are trapped deep underground. But you are a one man Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation! Equipped with a helicopter backpack, explosives and laser beam visor you navigate mischievous mineshafts, fast flowing rivers, inconveniently placed lanterns and the local wildlife, optionally roasted by laser beam. You are H.E.R.O. and you’ve got some miners to save!

Author: Erik

Originally released on the Atari 2600, H.E.R.O. was ported to many platforms including the C64 but never the VIC-20, until now! It is a very good conversion too which looks and plays very much like the original. The game opens with a title screen which plays a cheerful tune and explains the game. The demo mode shows you some of the moves to get you started and then its up to you. The first level is almost benign but the difficulty level quickly ramps up with more screens, new gameplay elements and more and faster wildlife. Remembering the level layout is vital for success.

In the beginning the controls may feel a little awkward, especially after blowing yourself up for the Nth time but practice makes perfect and soon you will be zipping around the mineshafts like a pro. There are 20 levels in total with the option to start the game halfway so you won’t be bored by playing the first levels endlessly. Graphics are good and colorful and the sound-effects are effective. If you haven’t played the original this is an excellent release to start with and if you have it is a great excuse to play it again.

You can download the game from https://kollektivet.nu/hero/

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