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GP Cars

Nothing can compare to the smell of gasoline and burning tires. And the roar of engines. And best of all, it’s all together during a rally along narrow and winding streets. Will you be able to overtake the red car or will you fall off
Around the next corner?

Author: Erik

After many years of work, GP Cars has finally seen the light of day, and the premiere took place during the FOReVER 2023 event. The game took second place in the WiLD Demo competition.
An atmospheric intro puts us in the mood for car racing. The title screen encourages us to set off with a squeal of tires, but at the very beginning there are only two levels available.
The first is a de facto qualifying round, in which we have to fit within the time limit. In the second, we are already racing against a rival controlled by the computer. Winning provides access to new tracks, which are very diverse in terms of
scenery, surface types, and even intersections and shortcuts.
The game is quite challenging. The time limit battle alone required me to try a lot. And, of course, you also have to be the first at the finish line, which makes the gameplay itself more difficult. Important – in the game there is no possibility of collision with other cars, so you can’t beat your rivals by blocking their route or pushing them to the side of the road.
This means that the only way to win is to become a master driver or find a shortcut (in later levels). Practice makes perfect, but I have some doubts that this provides enough fun. The graphics, music and sound effects are excellent, and that’s reason enough to try playing.
Free download from https://csdb.dk

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