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TONY–Montezuma’s Gold [C64 - Floppy/Digital]

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As Tony, you’ll traverse the pixel art of Montezuma’s Castle. Watch out for those tricky traps, avoid pixelated dangers and let chip tune rhythms guide your path. More information about the game itself can be found at https://ka-plus.pl/en/tony-montezumas-gold/.

The game package will be available in a Collector's Box and a single copy includes:
  • Game on double sided 5.25" floppy disc with custom sticker
  • Itch.io access code to download the digital package for free. The package includes both crt and d64 files, as well as the technical manual and license in PDF format.
  • Game box (printed on 350 gram coated paper) - Please bear in mind that the image of the box presented here is a graphical visualisation.
  • Customised foam packaging to hold any game media for the C64 (it's possible to store both a cartridge and a floppy in the same box, see info below)
  • 8-page manual in Engish printed on high quality coated paper
  • 3 game postcards
  • 2 game stickers

Alternatively, the game is available on a cartridge that can be added in the options. Also, both media (cartridge and floppy disk) can fit together in a single game box, so it's possible to buy both versions in a single box.

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