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GO8BG Cartridge Edition #1

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A collection of games on a cartridge for Commodore 64 computers. The cartridge contains 11 interesting games and a specially designed menu for quick and easy loading of all the titles.

Game list + descriptions

Plekthora / Dr. Mortal Wombat / 2021 / https://drmortalwombat.itch.io
A nice treat for fans of classic shooter games. Spaceships, robots, rockets, bombs, lasers, fast-paced action - just what space shooter fans like best.

Ball & Chain / Dr. Mortal Wombat / 2022 / https://drmortalwombat.itch.io
A fun arcade game where you control a ball on a chain and have to get out of dark dungeons. Good graphics and music add to the atmosphere.

Snake VS Bomb 2 / Richard of TND / 2023 / https://richard-tnd.itch.io
A crazy snake slithers ahead, munching on fruit and dodging bombs. All with cool scrolling.

Latent Fusion / Direct Designs / 1995
Another shump on this compilation, this time taking us back to the year 2047. A high-ranking pilot travelling through a parallel dimension has to test the latest spaceship. Lots of shooting and power-ups.

BrainWave / Antti Nylen / 1990
Grey cell stimulation in the style of Chinese Madjong. Test your mind and have fun.

Missile Defence / Dr. Mortal Wombat / 2023 / https://drmortalwombat.itch.io
Protect six major cities from nuclear attack with three missile launchers, a nod to the classic arcade game Missile Command.

Vampire Vengeance / Original game for ZX Spectrum by POE Games, converted to Commodore 64 by PATAGONIA / 2023 / https://patagonia.itch.io
Assume the role of Count Orlack and take revenge on the Knights of the Order of the Silver Cross... An addictive 30 level platformer with good graphics and cool music.

Robots Rumble / Digital Monastery (Hokuto Force Game Developing Division) / 2019 / https://majikeyric.itch.io
Destroying old and worn-out robots is no easy task, especially when it has an interplanetary reach. Find out how it's done and dispose of that pile of iron in boiling lava.

Vortex Crystals / Richard by TND / 2017 / https://richard-tnd.itch.io
Energy crystals from the planet Vektor have fallen into the hands of evil aliens! Don a protective suit, grab a laser pistol and stop the enemies of the alien civilisation.

Kendo Warrior / MC Lothlorien / Byte-Back / 1989
A dangerous mission for a warrior tasked with recovering stolen secret documents. Help him defeat a bunch of strong guards and menacing dogs and collect the necessary items to complete the mission.

Tritopia / Vintage Computing Carinthia / 2022/ https://frodewin.itch.io
Imagine you want to go on a trip with your friends, but suddenly you find yourself in a strange area that resembles your town. Sounds unusual and mysterious, doesn't it? Come and find out.

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