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Windigo Games [C64, cassette]: Die Kaufmannsgilde / Spediteur

Video Game - Cassette - C64
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C64 / Diskette 5,25"

This release contains two games developed by Windigo Productions for the C64/128. Both titles belong to the same genre of turn-based economic strategies, but have completely different settings. Get ready to take on up to 3 opponents, either human or CPU, and build your way to victory!

In ‘Die Kaufmannsgilde’ you are a merchant in medieval Germany and try to become a member of the powerful merchant guild. The game consists of an economic and a strategic part, which requires tactincal decisions and long-term planning.

In ‘Spediteur’ you aspire to become the most successful freight forwarder by earning the most money within a certain period of time. You need to transport goods between cities, so smart route planning will maximize your profits!

The game pack is available as a collector’s box and as a single physical release and includes:

  • Game box (printed on 300 gram coated paper)
  • Customised foam packaging to hold any game media
  • Games on floppy or cassette with custom stickers or packaging (both media can fit together in a single game box)
  • 6-page manual printed on high-quality coated paper
  • 2 game postcards

More info available at: https://ka-plus.pl/en/the-kaufmannsgilde-spediteur...

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