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GO8BG #6

K&A Plus #19 Coverdisk
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GO8BG (Good Old 8 Bit Games) is a collection of Commodore 64/128 games distributed as a cover disk to the K&A+ magazine. Each issue consists of roughly a dozen games and includes both classic titles as well as some of the new releases featured in the magazine. The games are run from our specially made loader menu and recorded on new, double-sided 5.25'' floppy disks delivered with a custom sticker and envelope.

GO8BG #6 includes:

Alter Ego Retrosouls 2014
Leilei Relay Dr. Terrorz 2021
Aviator Arcade Hindsbosoft 2014
Docster's Digger Megastyle 2019
Lost Realms of Murkasada, Episode I Arkanix Labs 2021
X-Force The New Dimension 2014
Miner 2049er Big Five Software 1982
C-2048 p1x3l-net 2018
Spike C64 Dislike David Eriksson 2012
Krakout Professional 1 The Impact 1987
Blockheads 4k Carleton Handley 2020

Includes digital version of the disk in D64 format.

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