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Party Speedway Extended

Party Speedway Extended is a fast-paced multiplayer top-down racing game. It is reminiscent of a speedway race, where drivers race for the best time while avoiding collisions with the edges of the track. It’s all about getting a quick start, finding the right angles and entering the corners in the best possible way to overtake your opponents and beat your best time.

Party Speedway is inspired by the game “zuzel.exe” developed by Piotr Kamiński around 1995 for MS DOS. This early speedway game was very popular in Poland at that time, where it was played in almost every computer science class in schools. For me, the game has always been an example of amazing playability combined with an eminently minimalist audiovisual environment. This was also the aim of the C64 version – multiplayer, high replayability and a relatively low entry threshold.

The game is released in 2 versions: on a 5.25’’ floppy disc and on a cartridge. Both versions are identical, but the cartridge doesn’t offer the save function (the 1541 drive can still be used to save and load the best times though). In addition to the physical releases, the digital d64 images are distributed so that the game can also be played on emulators or hardware solutions such as SD2IEC or Ultimate. The game is written for the PAL system (NTSC is also playable, but without the in-game racing music).


  • Pixel-perfect collision detection
  • 5 racing tracks – Gliwice / Poland, Brighton / UK, Seattle / USA, Dublin / Ireland, Drammen / Norway
  • 4 CPU levels
  • Support for up to 4 human players (4-player adapter joystick extension or keyboard)
  • Different racing modes, from single races, time trials to tournaments.

Physical release

The game pack is available as a collector’s box and as a single physical release and includes:

  • Game box (printed on 300 gram coated paper)
  • Customised foam packaging to hold any game media
  • Game on a floppy or cartridge with custom stickers (both media can fit together in a single game box)
  • 6-page manual printed on high-quality coated paper
  • 2 game postcards

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Digital release

The game is available as a .d64 image and can be run with any C64 emulator, e.g. Vice. The digital file is provided free of charge as a downloadable cover disk attached to the K&A+ #25 magazine.

Additional information

  • The game development story was covered in issue #25 of the K&A+ magazine from spring 2024. The article focuses on the technical aspects of game development and describes various nuances of solving the 6502 assembly problems. I definitely learned a lot during the development and will remember this time very positively.
  • The cities used to name the various tracks are not random. They are all places where Tomxx (game’s programmer) used to live.
  • The graphics were pixelated by Łukasz ‘Katon’ Gołębiewski and the music was created by Marcin ‘psych858o’ Majdzik.

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