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Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory

This article was published in issue 1 of Komoda & Amiga Plus.

There are things in life, that does not change over the years. As it was in the 80’s of twentieth century, as same it is nowadays – if a game has a level editor, it can expand the games lifespan. If the gameplay is interesting and the author would be able to find someone to check his joyful creations, I believe that the authors imagination is the only limit. First game in my life which had a level editor included was „Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory”.

Did the Robot came out of a cave?

After looking at the gameplay in „Mr robot” you could get an impression that it’s another part of Bounty Bob adventures. He was the main character in a short series of games started by „Miner 2049’er”. In both games it is required to step on every inch of a floor, keeping track of the time constrains and a bunch of malicious opponents. I do not recall calling this kind of inspiration as „a clone of” at the time when these games were premiered. I will not use that term today, as it would be unfair to „Mr. Robot”, because the game has a lot to offer.

Collecting every power pill on every platform is the goal of every consecutive screen. It sounds like a job for a simple janitor. Why would anyone hire an elegant tin man to do it? The answer is really simple – each room is a gravedanger zone. Do you know anyone crazy enough to clean a warehouse, where some kind of a joker have built the floor with landmines? If you combine this madness with some elevated, hardly available platforms and a group of self-aware cosmic flames it all becomes clear. Mister Robot is the only choice for this dirty job.

How big is the Robot Factory?

Developers of the game created a set of 22 screens. It is a good number, and it gets even better as it can be doubled with the use of a level editor. In my opinion, the numbers are not as important as the quality of the design of the screens. I find the original set of levels as quite diverse and seems like a thought-out set. The amount of different elements available in the factory is at least satisfactory. There are platforms, before mentioned obstacles and more: elevators, conveyors, trampolines and even a set of magnets. With this amount of diversity all you need is some stimulation to your creative imagination.

As a conclusion I would like to give you a warning about the little note appearing on the first screen. It could be tempting to collect it for a hundred points, but this is also a very special switch. Every time the note is taken by the Robot it switches the sound effects on and off.

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