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Dungeon Crawl

I have spent some time with ”Dungeon Crawl”, but after that I can not agree with the beforementioned statement. It is not a bad game, but there are a lot of things that keeps it far from perfection. The biggest flaw is the micro size of this production. The three built-in stages are not enough to enjoy the game for an hour. I hope that the author is working on a extended edition or at least there will be a level editor. After over a dozen minutes spent iwith this game I really need more!

What good could be found in a game that does not last for too long? To be honest – nothing great and nothing new. Simple, clean graphics makes an impression that this is not a big production, but only an excercise fo r a programmer. The gameplay itself shows a different side of this game. There are small things showing that it is a deliberate creation and these details have kept me with a grin on my face in front of my monitor. The gameplay is exactly what the title states – a not-so-easy walk through a dungeon. With each step we discover static maps, battle ferocoius monsters getting stronger with each level and looking out for keys to unlock some of the doors. It is a well known classic approach to a simple RPG. There has been many more games of this kind, some better and some not worth mentioning. Why would I bother to write anything about ”Dungeon Crawl” if it does not even have a random dungeon generator? The answer to this question is secret. Literally, there are some well hidden secrets inside these underground corridors. Every single map has a switch, some ilusory walls and beyond these you can find some waponry, a shield or just a pack of enemies awaiting to be slain allowing you to earn some more experience points.

I believe that after release of a level editor to ”Dungeon Crawl” someone would create a truly epic adventure. The current version of the game offers a lot of space to build up some more interesting dungeon levels. I hope, there will be a bigger release founded upon this little game. Small RPGs also have a fan base. Fellow scene members – do not forget about us!


I agree with opinion written by Bobikowoz, but there are something worth turning a blind eye to. I believe that the author did not planned to create a program of high value close to ”perfection”. I belive it was meant to be just an ordinary, simple game. If I am right, that would mean the the goal has been reached. Well, I would also like to see some deeper levels. Do not lose hope, that these will appear in some exended version of this little game.

The man behind ”Dungeon Crawl” is a coder known as TWW – a founder and a member od a demo-goup ”Creators”. In august of 2009 he has showed a preview of Shoot’em Up game called ”Armageddon Preview V2”. It was a sequel to ”Armageddon Preview” released back in 2003 by Mermaid (code, graphics, music) who is an ex-member of ”Creators”. Mermaid currently works with ”Genesis Project” and ”Vision”. To be honest, both of these productions are unplayable, because there is only a spaceship shown on a background with some additional sprites in ”V2”. The project is still in developement, but I have to admit that the graphical part of the previews made an huge impression on me. This is a place where I would like to explain that TWW is a coder, not a graphic artist like Mermaid. If he would, the ”Dungeon Crawl” would definitely look much better.

All in all, although it is a small game, it shouldn’t be totally ignored. It reminded me of the first half of the eighties, which is really good,for sentimental players like me. I will be awaiting for another release created by TWW. I wonder what is he working on right now? The time will tell.


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