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Back to the Golden Age

Creating games for the Amiga market, for both lines – classical and contemporary goes several tracks. One of the most common forms is porting software from other platforms. Currently, for “Friends” are written mainly ports titles familiar with Linux or Windows. From time to time there will be a gem, which already had its debut on some retro hardware, and thanks to the port on the Amiga will survive its second youth. This happens with Back To Golden Age. Classic arcade adventure with RPG elements released in the early 90s on AtariST, which now thanks to Meynafowi is also available on the classic Amiga.

A long time ago there was a land called Euroland. In the world were knights, warriors, mages and wizards. Land was ruled by the priest, which draws power from four Eders. People lived in prosperity and peace. However, the Euroland was invaded by the evil wizard who with the help of his priests enslaved people. Through the ancient religion cast spells and suffering, he invoked to life vampires, half-humans, half-animals. One of the priests fled, taking one of the Eders. He hid in a remote, forgotten village and led the life of a hermit, until they had fulfilled the legend, which said that one day the young man who will be king will rise and he’ll end the reign of the evil wizard.

The wizard knew about the legend, and that’s why he slew all young men aged 10 to 20 years, but he missed the forgotten village. Village where hid the priest and in which was born Zad, the hero of legend. When Zad over 8 years, he began studying with the old hermit. The man taught him, among other things crafts, combat and wield magic.

One day, when the hermit considered the boy ready, he revealed his identity and gave him the stolen Eders. Zad knew his mission has only just begun. The mission, during which he must get the remaining three, overthrow the wizard and sit on the throne of euroland to restore peace and good.

Zad, as befits a knight, starts equipped with armor, shield and a sword. But during the game his inventory can expand: crossbows, arrows, better shields and swords, explosive vials. Besides knightly crafts, he can fight using a magic book of spells or magic potions. On his way Zad can also collect the enemies valuable items, for example: keys and money. The last one are very important and needed in the game. Thanks to them – everything you won’t find on your way, you can buy it for example: mentioned weapons or food, which is essential for the regeneration of life.

Enemies: from simple warriors waving axes by other knights, on creatures, priests and wizards.

Our adventure is not just waving a sword, casting spells and barter. Wandering the next stage will sometimes make you search, because, for example: in the pocket we have one key, but in front of us there are three doors and five lever in the wall.

Our hero is controlled by joystick and keyboard. It is worth noting that at any moment you can save the game and when something goes wrong, calmly load it later.

Graphics, though somewhat deficient in colors, match the times, we can say the Middle Ages. Forests, villages, castles, dungeons – everything is accurate and legible. Characters have a sufficient number of frames of animation. The only pity is that controlling our hero instead of liquid scrolling we move from screen to screen. It sometimes happens that after the transition to the next or previous recession, we are attacked by an enemy lurking there.

Binding sound does not knock. It is true that samples are quite neatly done, all the sounds of fighting, explosions and even welcomes from the shopkeeper, it sounds somewhat artificial.

Back To The Golden Age is not a simple game. Besides agile waving a sword you have to cleverly dodge. The cool thing here is just a shield that works very well. But beware, it is not indestructible. When it starts to blink, you have to make haste to the store. Besides, the need to master the principles of wielding magic or thinking about the levers gives the impression that the game is designed primarily for fans of the genre. Sunday players or typical arcade players won’t play for hours. But this is also an asset because it proves that the title is ambitious and designed for a specific audience, so I refer to all fans of Action-RPG to Euroland and I guarantee that this will be well spent time.

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