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Magazyn użytkowników komputerów Commodore

K&A Plus #23 EN

Digital Edition, English language
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Spring / Summer 2023

A4 / 82 pages / PDF

REVIEWS: A Pig Quest, Muddy Racers, Lester, Geo's Quest 2, Rick Dangerous RC GOLD, Maria Renard’s Revenge .... and more

ARTICLES: How to create your own game for the C64? Part III, GameDev Tools: SpritePad, The path of a 16-bit warrior, Street Fighter: Behind the scenes, GameDev story: Dagon's Awakening .... and more

VARIOUS: Artificial human?, Martial arts and games, With dice and pencil: Challengers!, The golden age of arcades .... and more

Includes the digital edition of the Good Old 8-Bit Games #9

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K&A Arkadiusz Kosiarski
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ul. Felińskiego 23/1A
41-923 Bytom, POLSKA