Komoda & Amiga plus
Commodore computers users’ magazine

Issue 13


Yoomp! 64
Farming Simulator C64 edition
Alien Invasion
Tenebra Macabre
Mancave – a wife free zone
The Valley
Global Game Jam
Space Moguls. M.U.L.E. tribute
Carl-Henrik Skårstedt – interview
Roy Widding – Megastyle
Modem StrikeWiFi for C64
Demoscene history of Wacek, p. III
Liverpool: The Computer Game
Excavation Zone: Bazair


Street Fighter 2: Facts and fiction
The Settlers
GameDev Story: Volker Wertich
Sordan – the biggest Settlers fan
Gunnar Kristjánsson – Amibian
HighGFX i HD720 – screen modes
Console Zone: Pong 4k
Tiger Claw
Bridge Strike
WinUAE Practicals, part I
Trap Runner


Fresh News
K&A plus Cover-CD, Disk #13
Gallery – Syntax Error
Gallery – Pixel Heaven
Commodore: The Inside Story
The biggest Commodore collection
Common sense in retro passion
Warlords Battlecry 2
Talking Heads: Emulation Nation
Johnny presents: Pub chat

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