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    We are currently working on two game publishing projects. If any of the below interests you, you can let us know by placing a pre-order. This will help us determine how many items we should produce. Both of these projects should be ready before the end of 2018, but a more detailed date will be announced at a later time.

    #2 – Fire Breath + Little Knight Arthur

    Two arcade games from two different worlds, but both of them have something in common. A long, long time ago, young programmers tried to make a commercial release of their games. Unfortunately, disks with their code have been sent back by big publishers of that time. It is time to fix the mistake mady by someone a few years back. Both of these games deserves attention.

    Fire Breath – a worm named Dozo has eaten a little too many chilies. He got carried away with hot food so much, that he started to breathe with fire! Unfortunately, while trying to cool down his tongue a little he fell into the well, where many unfriendly creatures live. A production inspired by Bubble Bobble and Creatures is a platform game filled with multiple enemies and obstacles, but also with some handy power-ups. Can you guide Dozo back to the surface?

    The physical copies of Fire Breath contains an upgraded version of the game (v. 1.1). In this release, multiple bugs have been fixed, the controls got smoother and an ending animation was added.

    Little Knight Arthur – I bet you have heard multiple stories about king Arthur. This game tells a story about a little knight with the same name. Brave warrior has to overcome multiple obstacles on his way to glory. The ultimate goal of this quest is slaying of the Shamrock Dragon. Do not be fooled by comic book styled graphics! The difficulty level of this production has been set at a very high level. But is there anything that stop a gamer, training with his joystick since the 80’s? For each of you, honorable swordsmen, who will be able to slay the dragon and document his triumph author of the game prepared a spot in the round table… I meant knighthood with an official statement at his webpage.

    #3 – Valkyrie – a SEUCK Trilogy

    All of the games in this series have been awarded in the annual SEUCK contests. To be on the top in these competitions it is not enough to make a decent shooter. The game has to be not only graphically appealing, give the player a proper challenge but also should puch the boundaries of the quite old SEUCK editor.

    With each iteration of the Valkyrie series Eleanor Burns was able to add some more enhancements and uncommon solutions into the schematic shoot’em up genre. In addition to that the games are telling an interesting story of princess Mariska and her struggle with the nazi soldiers. Before starting the game I would recommend reading the short stories introducing the events before each game. If you will be able to overcome all of the opponents and kill dangerous bosses, be informed that the fun may not be over yet. Each of the games has an additional file with a special game ending, but to see it you need to earn a special code. Will you be be determined enough to achieve this?

    All of these games can be freely downloaded from their authors websites.

    Link to pre-order form.