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Komoda & Amiga plus
Commodore computers user's magazine
  • Polski
  • English
  • Editorial

    How did it all start…

    We first published the Polish e-zine ‘Commodore & Amiga Fan’ in December 2007. It was a continuation of nation-wide paper-printed magazine from the 90’s called “Commodore & Amiga’ that was fully dedicated to the Commodore home computers. Additionally, in December 2009 the crew started publishing a new magazine called ‘C&A Games’ that in contrast was mostly focused on retro gaming on Commodore machines. Simultaneously, the team launched a web portal called (non-existent today) which managed to gather together various retro-maniacs from around Poland.

    By June 2010 a dude nicknamed Komek (Arkadiusz Kosiarski) introduced his new electronic zine called “Komoda” that was fully devoted to C64’s game reviews. This new magazine drew the interest of the late Ramos (Mariusz Rozwadowski), who was at the time the editor-in-chief of two C&A magazines. Ramos did his best to help out Komek to popularize his e-zin and get more readers’ attention. Over time, “Komoda” expanded and grew from a single person project to the undertaking driven by larger editorial team. The upcoming months were filled out with intensive works and both editorial teams started to get more and more in touch.

    Unfortunately, the year of 2014 was slower, teams didn’t publish as many issues as previously planned and people started to get demotivated. Eventually, Ramos and Komek brainstormed and decided to risk it all by forming one common team. This retro magazine would be a successor to all 3 above mentioned periodicals. Both teams agreed to this plan and so “C&A Fan/Games” and “Komoda” joined forces and “K&A plus” was born. Two years after we still create this magazine with true passion in both Polish and English, unfortunately Ramos is no longer with us.