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    History Line 1914-18, Blue Byte Software, Amiga, 1992

    History Line 1914-18,  Blue Byte Software, Amiga, 1992

    On the 28th June of 1914 Austrian successor of the throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand Habsburg is assassinated. The assassination was made and done by the group of Serbian nationalists, then citizens of Austro – Hungarian Empire who were trying to incorporate Bosnia to their country. In the result of the attack, Austria – Hungary gave […]

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    Ultima IV, Origin Systems, C64/Amiga, 1985

    How did Ultima 4 define the RPG genre? Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar is considered to be the classic of the multimedia entertainment industry. This is one of the first such advanced RPGs, the game that has shaped the genre for years and set the trends for multitudes of its followers. When the remastered […]

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    Puzznic, Taito/Ocean, C64/Amiga, 1990

    Puzznic, Taito/Ocean, C64/Amiga, 1990

    Game opponents often use the argument that games don’t help you develop, that they do not bring anything new to your life. In case of “Puzznic” this argument is completely invalid. After playing this logical-arcade game, it is hard not to feel the power of your mind growing. I hasten with an explanation. First, a […]

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